Our Story

Los Angeles-born, New York City-raised, and Joburg-naturalised musician, Martin Rafael Otto, aka ‘Cito’, grew up in a home where Spanish was spoken, and coffee was consumed.

His Puerto Rican and German roots were profoundly nurtured since his toddler days – this is a guy who actually remembers drinking café from his baby bottle. It was more like coffee-infused milk then, but by the age of 15, Cito opted for his café sin leche (coffee without milk). There’s no denying the deep and enriching relationship he’s enjoyed throughout the years, in every phase of his life.

From Queens to Joburg, school to stage, at home or on the road, coffee always played its role in the story of Cito.

Loosely referring to himself as a coffee snob, the infinite quest for the ever-elusive perfect cup has never discouraged him. The desire for a delicious mouthful of java is too alluring. And not just for his own consumption, but also for everyone he loves.

“Life’s too short to have a shit cup of coffee.”