The wonderful new coffee brand of SA Rock vocalist, Cito.

In an unsatiated quest for the perfect cup of coffee, WONDERboom’s lead vocalist and multi-medium performer extraordinaire, has teamed up with his lifelong coffee-roaster friend, Mark Smith of ‘Javaheads’, to release his own uniquely-selected signature coffee – ‘Cito 1974™’.

Some of the bespoke characteristics of CITO 1974 Coffee include the air roasting method of premium beans, and personally selected blends. Not being a huge fan of dark-roasted coffee, it’s important to Cito that the flavour of the bean isn’t “charred” by over-roasting.

But the beauty of the magical bean is in the variety of the taste spectrum.

There are literally thousands of different flavours and notes to explore.
So, naturally, there will never ever be just one, finite flavour.
Enjoy the journey with Cito 1974.


Colombian Popayan Supremo and Ugandan Bugiso coffees. They are both grown in high altitudes and are fully washed and sun dried. “It is sweet with hints of raspberry, apple and spicy notes, with a chocolate and butter finish.”
Med/Dark roast.
Bomba is both a traditional dance and musical style of Puerto Rico. Its origins are rooted in the island’s history of African slavery but today has evolved into a community expression of Puerto Rican culture. While Bomba can be used as the generic name for a number of rhythms, it is truly about a creative, interactive relationship between dancers, percussionists and singers. For us it’s the fusion of Africa with Latin America.


Mix of Tanzania Tarime & Ethiopia Sidamo.
“Sweet and fruity, medium bodied, hints of floral and citrus with a creamy finish.”
Medium roast.
Named after the Garden of Eden, Eden celebrates the origins of coffee – Ethiopia and the East African region.


Colombian O2-method decaffeinated.

“Fruited, bold dark chocolaty aroma. Juicy, sweet fruited (strawberries) flavour, mild acidity, with excellent body.”
Medium roast.
Tranquilo in Spanish means “peaceful” or “calm”. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy a delicious, full bodied cup of coffee, without the caffeine. The O2 decaffeination process guarantees you the flavour minus 99.9% of the caffeine.